A history of UK Engineering

Engineering is in many ways a field of endeavour which is broadly appreciated but perhaps a little overlooked. That, however, is entirely unfair as it is in many ways feats of engineering which represent some of the greatest achievements in UK history. With that in mind, therefore, let’s take a closer look at the history of engineering beginning with its earliest forms and the etymology of the word itself.

Earliest Examples & Etymology

Engineering as a concept or an activity has existed since ancient times. Our modern understanding of the term, being the application of mechanical solutions and expertise to construct things or to solve problems, can be applied to a vast array of different examples in the ancient world.

Formal & Organised History of UK Engineering

Engineering, as a field of endeavour and achievement, obviously expanded greatly and rapidly from that original narrow definition. By the 19th century and the Victorian era especially, furthermore, engineering had become an area in which the UK led the world and achieved exceptional feats. Due to that burgeoning importance of engineering, therefore, it was during the 19th century that the field began to be properly organised and professionalised. The first official and professional engineering organisation was named the Institution of Civil Engineers and was established in 1818.