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Bryken currently runs over 55 CNC machines and continually invests in the latest technology; spending around £1 million per annum on new machinery.
We work with a wide range of materials including stainless steel, mild steel, super duplex steel, Inconel®, nickel iron, titanium, Monel®, aluminium, copper, plastics, molybdenum and brass.

Our full range of machining capabilities is detailed below:

CNC Machining

Working with a range of materials including stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, copper, plastics, inconel, titanium, super duplex, nickel iron, monel, molybdenum and brass, Bryken can provide a full range of CNC precision engineering capabilities. Using the latest computer technology, highly complex tool paths are generated enabling us to manufacture your components to a very precise specification, to an exceptional level of quality and to the timescale you require.

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