So who are we – and what’s the story behind Bryken?

Bryken, a sub-contract manufacturer of precision engineered machined components based in North West England. We are a major supplier to numerous blue chip companies and household names in the UK and worldwide quoting and invoicing in US dollars, Euros and Sterling.
We are a family-owned company, really proud of the story of how we started and became the successful company we are today.

Bryken’s History

Bryken is born! Two engineers, Brian Taylor and Ken Dovaston set up the company. After many hours brainstorming, Brian and Ken come up with the highly creative company name of… BryKen. Or Bryken Precision Engineering to be, well, precise.

Starting off in one unit with 6 cam auto machines, the partners forge forward with ten years of incredibly hard work fuelled by a determination to succeed. Brian and Ken gained business by offering something which, back then, was the rarest of commodities: exceptional customer service. With investment and innovation at the heart of everything the company did, Bryken grew steadily and by the start of the nineties occupied 1,200 square feet and had acquired 25 cam auto machines.

Our Bryken Team

While cutting edge machinery is vital to the quality of components we produce, there’s no doubt that our success has been built on the dedication, experience and expertise of our staff. In fact, many of them started their employment through our apprenticeship programme and chose to stay with us. We currently employ over 95 staff and manufacture 7 days and 4 nights per week.

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