The importance of precision engineering in the manufacturing industry

The modern manufacturing industry would not be what it is today without precision engineering. Manual manufacturing is just not able to cope with the low tolerance to measurement deviations and need to consistently reproduce the exact same detail over and over again. Only precision engineering handles the demands of technology for finer and finer detail and simultaneous requirement for more and more mass production.

Simply put, the more precise the requirements of modern machinery, the more precise the requirements of the machinery used to make that machinery becomes. Think of the tiny parts inside smartphones and imagine the precision required to create those compared to creating the part of; for example an olden day printing press.

Precision engineering uses computer programmes to outline processes and so can be incredibly accurate with even the most detailed measurements, down to within 5 microns (a micron is a unit of length equal to one millionth of a metre). What’s more it can then reproduce this same accuracy repeatedly, which allows for the mass manufacturing of even the most intricate and tiny parts.